Dreamhack Summer 2015


DreamHack started in November 1994 when Kenny “K2-ICE” Eklund and Martin “DH_admin” Öjes rented the local school cafeteria in the small city Malung and invited their computer entusiast friends to join them for a week end of coding and hacking. Today DreamHack is the worlds largest digital festival, the indisputable largest LAN party in the world with over 26,000 visitors, 22,483 unique devices in the network and close to 10 000 visitors who enjoy DreamHack with their own computer. DreamHack is also a world class esports event, DreamExpo, cosplay and a celebration on all things Internet happening several times each year all around the world.


Kaosindustries was tasked with providing two simultaneous sets of production staff and equipment. Whenever there are several sets to be provided there is always the challenge of keeping oversight and making sure to focus attention on the set that requires it the most, which is constantly changing. One of the productions also required a complete switch of stage during the final day. This event was also marked by the requirement for many videos (of players and the competition) to be quickly shot and edited to be used during the live production. In these situations a good balance between speed and quality/quantity of video material must be maintained.


Due to excellent preparation by making sure that the crew in both productions had all the experience and information required to run each set individually, no cross-production intervision was required. Each day after both productions were done all crew members would meet up to work on the video edits for the next day collectively; this allows for a fresh set of eyes to detect new things. Since the mood was positive due to the productions going so well, there was also time for some R&R; after coming to Jönköping twice a year for 5 years, a portion of the crew made time on the last day to visit the world’s only Match Museum!

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