Gigacon Oslo 2014


GIGACON is a company that specialises in hosting LAN events in Norway. In 2014 they held their first large event with e-sports contact in Oslo, and they have continued their activities throughout 2015.


During the very first edition of GIGACON in Oslo KaosTV was tasked with producing the CSGO and the Hearthstone competitions, whilst simultaneously covering the video production of the main stage, where entertainment such as music acts, cosplay and presentations was held. As with any multi-stage production the coordination of all crew members to work as a whole for the good of the entire event is of paramount importance for success. Furthermore going to a large event that is completely new always means that unexpected things are bound to happen; in the opinion of Kaos Industries a great production team is characterised by its capability of handling unexpected situations rather than avoiding them altogether, since this is an impossible task.


Most of the unexpected situations came up during the setup but were solved long ahead of the start time of the productions. Because of this the productions went very smoothly and we are proud to say that we helped a new organisation make itself known as a veritable new player in the e-sports world.

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