Hitbox – Arena Championship

Hitbox is a modern streaming platform that is innovating the e-Sports streaming market by working closely with the e-Sports community and by supporting a stream quality that consistently stays ahead of the competition. This is what the mission of Hitbox is:

– Deliver the best quality streams to viewers world wide
– Make it as easy as possible for anyone to stream
– Redefine partnerships with streamers through more options and transparency
– Support tournament organizers and eSports teams with features tailored just for them
– Bring everyone together on a hub that not only lets you watch streams but keeps you engaged before your program of choice starts and long after it has ended

Counter Strike: Global Offense was released in 2012 and it can safely be said that the e-sports world would not look the same today without it. Kaos Industries was one of the first production companies that produced a large CSGO event at Dreamhack Winter 2014 and hence has a long standing experience with the game. Hence organizing a new CSGO tournament on Hitbox was a no-brainer and has been done consistently from 2014 onwards.

The CSGO Arena was a great succes in 2014 with over a million viewer hours spread over 3 events. The tournament has gone through several changes and is still going strong through 2015

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