Hitbox – Heroes of Cards

Hitbox is a modern streaming platform that is innovating the e-Sports streaming market by working closely with the e-Sports community and by supporting a stream quality that consistently stays ahead of the competition. This is what the mission of Hitbox is:

– Deliver the best quality streams to viewers world wide

– Make it as easy as possible for anyone to stream

– Redefine partnerships with streamers through more options and transparency

– Support tournament organizers and eSports teams with features tailored just for them

– Bring everyone together on a hub that not only lets you watch streams but keeps you engaged before your program of choice starts and long after it has ended

Heroes of Cards was a series of tournaments hosted online on Hitbox involving only the best Hearthstone players. Hearthstone is a casual game, but ironically it is technically one of the harder games to produce as viewers want to see the cards of both players simultaneously, whilst also wanting to switch perspectives on a turn by turn basis. Aside from this technical challenge, Hearthstone was also a game that we previously had no experience with, so building contacts in the community was also a definite challenge in this regard.

The Heroes of Cards tournament has become well known as a must-see tournament in the Hearthstone community. Furthermoe the Heroes of Cards tournaments allowed Kaosindustries to gain a better understanding of producing Hearthstone from a technical perspective, which in turn leads to better insights into productions overall.

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