Lasergame Deutschland – Dortmund


Lasergame Deutschland is a company specializing in the customization and development of lasergaming equipment for use in lasergaming throughout Germany. With both business and consumers as their clientelle Lasergaming Deutschland is innovating the traditional lasergame using modern technology. In doing this they have the possibility to provide game modes that are akin to modern e-Sports titles.


Difficulties with capturing the video output of the device observing the game is a common frustration in e-Sports production,often due to mismatched resolutions and refresh rates. Going into this project it was known for a fact that this problem was not going to happen here, as the observers were actually the camera operators themselves! Hence the challenge in this project lay for a great deal in the communication and coordination between the production crew and the camera operators to ensure that no action was missed.


Having done plenty of rehearsal recordings whilst noting down improvements to be made, a very tight production and stream was created that narrowly followed the action as all the lasergaming teams competed for a place in the top 3. It was refreshing for the camera operators to have a production where they have to be physically actively engaged whilst the game is being played!

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