Ticketscript Talks


Ticketscript is a self-service digital ticketing solution that gives businesses control over selling their own tickets and provides services and insights to help businesses sell more tickets. The Ticketscript Talks was an event based in Amsterdam where three specialists in the area of social media were asked to present interesting information to clients of Ticketscript. These talks were streamed via Youtube to clients that were not capable of attending in person


When doing many e-Sports productions it is easy to fall into a familiar rhythm based on prior experience. Since this was obviously not an e-Sports event, care had to be taken to plan the project even more carefully, since falling back on previous experiences that are not applicable can lead to unpredictable consequences along the lines of ‘ah yes, that doesn’t work in this case’.


By taking a larger amount of time to set up than regularly calculated all unknown problems (capturing different versions and types of presentation software!) were easily solved within the alloted time. All the presentations were streamed to the clients that wanted to see it, all in all: a great succes!

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