Viagame HouseCup 3


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The Viagame House Cup #3 was a Hearthstone tournament held in Bran Castle in Romania; also known as ‘Dracula’s Castle’ as it used to belong to ‘Vlad III Dracul, the Impaler’ which was one of the main inspirations for Bram Stoker’s Dracula character. Doing a live production in a castle brings logistical challenges; there is little space, long cable lengths are required and many many stares must be scaled. The obvious benefit of course is that it is a unique location, the main challenge that this presents is how you will show this to your audience at home.


The Viagame House Cup #3 is one of the best viewed Hearthstone cups to date. It is likely that the unique location was a large factor in this. The production style of the House Cups is fairly loose and humorous – in order to accentuate this style a series of player intro videos were made that were purposefully ‘tongue in cheek’ whilst simultaneously showing as much as possible of the unique location. Furthermore many scenic clips were made to show the audience that the event was really in Bran Castle. Interaction with the viewers combined with improvised humour was also a main key to having a loose and entertaining broadcast.

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